Disgusting Dolphin Abuse at Mallorca Aquarium

This disgusting abuse is being carried out by one of Mallorca Aquarium’s dolphin trainers.

Another reason to release ALL dolphins and whales from captivity.

Mallorca Aquarium is apparently linked with Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium has made a statement on their page, people are hitting it.

“Fans, we appreciate the concerns you have voiced over the past two days. Let us ensure you that we have a zero tolerance policy against the mistreatment of our animals or a
ny animal. We would never, in any way, condone or allow any mistreatment of animals to ever occur at any of our facilities. The activity allegedly shown in the video did not occur at any of the family of facilities of Georgia Aquarium, which includes historic Marineland Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine, Florida. Since the first animal arrived at Georgia Aquarium 10 years ago, the top priority of our experienced and dedicated leadership and team members has always been the well-being of our animals, in every aspect of their care. Our animal training focuses on the principles of positive reinforcement and behavioral enrichment. We welcome your comments and questions and will do our best to answer them.
This is a family-friendly fan page and we will not tolerate any offensive language or topics, though. We hope you will continue to share the passion we have towards our animals.”

My question now is – Well – why is nothing being done?

Thanks so much to the people at FB’s Miracle March for Lolita

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