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Humans are responsible for killing thousands of Sharks! Sharks are not the scary bloody killers in movies. They are the beauty within the Sea! When I talk about within the Sea it means, Go out there and see them for your self! Me personally, I never swam with Sharks. But, I know some people who swam with them. Coming from their comments, “It’s BEAUTIFUL!” Sharks are highly advance fish. They strike at the moment when their prey is vulnerable. When humans prey on them, It’s a whole lot different. Humans kill these beautiful creatures for their purposes such as Foods and Fear. Some people hate Sharks. Well clearly the fact is, Have you done your research? I use to be afraid of Sharks. Now, Im anxious to hop in and swim with them. Comment if you love Sharks and also comment if you will be a voice. Sharks aren’t killers. They simply kill for survival. And don’t worry, Sharks don’t like the taste of Humans. To them, We are disgusting food. Humans kill a average of 1,000+ Sharks while Sharks kill a average of 3 humans. Who’s the real killer? If we don’t do something, These beautiful creatures will become extinct and the Oceans Ecosystem will collapse. Inform your buddy’s at school or your family members the truth about Sharks and how we humans are a threat to the survival of Sharks. Remember, Do research and see how a Bloody Killer in Jaws is compare to a peaceful Great White Shark. Who’s the real killer you may ask? Well, You don’t have to be a scientist to know that! Please. Inform. Educate. Protect! Will you be a voice for natures most advance and most beautiful fishes…Sharks!

  • Pictures are not enough to illustrate the world’s most beautiful beach :)
  • The true meaning of life is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others. Only then we can have a full, happy and contented life. This quote is 100% TRUE! Life isn’t about being rich or being popular. It’s about making everyday count. We must show the world the Compassion and Love we all inherit in our hearts. Replace Hatred into Love. Replace Anger into Happy. Replace Darkness into Light. Replace Captivity into Freedom! Comment if you understand and also comment if you will be a voice. The confinement has to end now! Tourists look at Whales/Dolphins in glass concrete tanks. They may see beauty but that beauty is not found in captivity. Beauty is when you see a Orca swimming in the sunset with its family’s in the name of Freedom. That’s beauty! Please, Be a voice for these beautiful intelligent marine animals by informing people the truth behind captivity and how Whales/Dolphins suffer and die in small concrete tanks. Like the quote said, Life isn’t about Money or Popularity. It’s about Love and Compassion to the animals and environment around you. It’s about making everyday count. Have the heart to understand the suffering and pain these beautiful intelligent marine animals go through surviving in captivity. Please. Inform. Educate. Love! Will you be a voice for the Whales/Dolphins surviving in captivity? Spread the Compassion and Love to the world! I say Freedom. FREEDOM!
  • “At least 35 Orcas and dozens of Dolphins have died prematurely at SeaWorld parks, which should not be celebrated with a giant Shamu float parading down 34th Street.” – Alec Baldwin. He speaks 100% TRUE! SeaWorlds budget has been dropping due to the BlackFish effect. People are now starting to know that Whales/Dolphins don’t belong in small concrete tanks. Yet, SeaWorld doesn’t want to tell the truth. They keep blasting false propaganda to the public to visit their parks. Some people don’t know the real truth behind SeaWorld. That’s where YOU come in! Comment if you will spread the word and also comment if you will be a voice. I am well aware of the Shamu float that took place in the parade in NewYork. SeaWorld will not give up this fight. So, We won’t either! Please, Be a voice for these beautiful intelligent marine animals by informing people the truth behind captivity and how Whales/Dolphins suffer and die in small concrete tanks. Orcas such as Lolita and Tilikum are surviving in harsh conditions. Be that guardian angel by informing people and by spreading awareness. We need to inform the whole world about this issue. Then, We can all stand up and fight for the Freedom and Justice they once had! Please. Inform. Educate. Fight! Will you be a voice for all Whales/Dolphins surviving in captivity? FREEDOM!!!
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